You asked these businesses to come, here’s what they said | Daily Mercury

THE Daily Mercury asked readers which new businesses they’d like to see come to the region.

The Facebook post received hundreds of comments, with dozens of businesses nominated to open a franchise in Mackay.

We put the question to those major businesses and this is what they said:


The delicious burgers and milkshakes Milky Lane is famous for could be on their way to Mackay soon.

Co-owner and founder of Milky Lane, Christian Avant, said Mackay was on his radar.

“Mackay has always been hot on our radar for Queensland and is something we will definitely be looking closely into mid-2020,” he said.

“We have current plans for Townsville and Cairns later this year and if everything aligns, we’ll be able to feed the people of Mackay delicious food, cocktails and desserts by the end of 2020.”

The Caramilk Cheesecake Spring Rolls available at Milky Lane. Picture: contributed.


Although Mackay residents are eager to get their hands on some delicious sweet treats, they might have to go online to get their fix. A spokeswoman for the business said Cookie Man no longer had any physical stores.

“It is always lovely to hear that many customers still want Cookie Man to be a prominent brand in their local areas; however, we no longer have any physical stores for Cookie Man as we are focusing on our online store as well as incorporating our cookies in our Mrs Field’s franchises,” she said.

“I hope you are able to understand our situation and are able to pass on this information onto any Mackay locals who may be asking the same question.”

Mackay residents would like to see a Cookie Man open in the region. Picture: Contributed.


The Nando’s spokesman was rather secretive about plans to expand, but there is still hope.

“It’s great to hear locals are keen to see a Nando’s in Mackay,” he said.

“We will pass this on to our business development team. You never know what the future holds.”

Nando’s is famous for its grilled chicken meals.


Who doesn’t love pancakes at midnight? We can understand why Mackay locals are crying out for this business to open in the region, but unfortunately we might have to wait a little longer.

The Pancake Parlour marketing and events co-ordinator Michael Dib said the business was not looking to expand.

“At the moment The Pancake Parlour is a family owned business in Melbourne and unfortunately we are not looking into expanding our operations into other states in the foreseeable future,” he said.

“We do, however, sell our pancake mix in Coles and Woolworths nationally and hope our interstate friends are still able to get their buttermilk pancake stack fix in the comfort of their homes.”

Mackay residents would like to see The Pancake Parlour open in the region. (Pictured: Samantha Jones). Picture: contributed.

One of the most commonly requested businesses by Mackay locals, we were hoping to receive some positive news from the retail giant.

Unfortunately, Aldi is not on it’s way to Mackay yet.

“While we continually look for opportunities to expand into new locations, we have no plans

to open a store in Mackay in the near future,” an ALDI Australia spokesman said.

Mackay residents would like to see an Aldi open in the region. Picture: Matthew Vasilescu.


The trampoline centre would be an excellent addition to the region.

Lucky for us, it could be on the way soon.

“We are talking to several interested parties about opening in Mackay,” a Flip Out spokesman said.

“Nothing is set in stone yet.”

Mackay residents would like to see a Flip Out trampoline centre open in the region. Picture: Richard Walker.


Arguably the most famous doughnuts in Australia, we understand why Mackay residents want a closer option than Brisbane Airport for these delicious goodies.

A Krispy Kreme spokesman encouraged fans to never say never.

“Although we’d love to bring Krispy Kreme to Mackay, there are no current plans for a store to open in the area,” he said.

“We are thrilled by the local support and would encourage our fans in Mackay to never say never.

“We do, however, air-freight our delicious Krispy Kreme doughnuts to the Mackay airport as part of our Fundraising Program. You can find out more about it on our website here”

Krispy Kreme doughnuts are famous in Australia and Mackay residents are keen to see a store open in the region. Picture: Stewart Mclean.

If we can’t have Aldi, can we at least have Costco?

Mackay residents were adamant about their desire to bring the retail giant to the region, but unfortunately the company has no concrete plans.

“We have been well received in the Australian market, and hope to continue to expand Costco’s reach to more people throughout Australia,” a spokeswoman said.

“While we are always on the lookout for new locations all over the country, at this time, we don’t have any locations confirmed in or around this area.

“Our focus is always to find the right location to meet our specifications so that we can ensure every warehouse is as comprehensively stocked, offering a wide range of products and services of the best quality at the best possible price.

“Our warehouses are quite sizeable in order to be able to house our comprehensive range of goods and specialty department services. A typical warehouse is about 14,000 square metres. “We also look for lots that can house our fuel stations and sizeable car parks as well.”

Costco is a massive department store, well-known in America. Picture: contributed.


Mackay residents love their burgers, and maybe Betty’s Burgers loves Mackay?

Betty’s Burgers managing director Troy McDonagh said he was thrilled to hear the business had such a large fan base in Mackay.

“We were thrilled to hear Mackay locals would like to see us come to town,” he said.

“We don’t have any immediate plans to open specifically in Mackay at this moment but who knows what the future holds.”

Edin Read from Betty’s Burgers. Picture: Josh Woning.

Other businesses were contacted for comment but did not respond.

These included Mecca Maxima, Grill’d, T2, Starbucks, Lush, Zara and IKEA.