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A label with a pagraph pulled from the Encyclopedia Britannica provided background for the 2001 under multiple Tube live of the , including those posted by s, s, and .
The broke out in Pis on Monday evening. The cause is currently unkn. s and pictures of the flames quickly began emerging on .
In a statement to , a Tube sd it was awe and ing into the issue.
“These panels e trigge aorithmicy and our sys somes make the wrong c. We e disabling these panels for live related to the ,” the sd.
Tube sd it launched the panels last ye with links to third pty-sources, such as Encyclopedia Britannica and , for topics to mis.
Las Vegas
Tube rolled out its -checking feature in 2018 in an attempt to mis. The move came after the site was criticized for recommending sfollowing s like the mass shooting in Las Vegas — the deadliest shooting in US .
The announced the feature a blog post last July, saying that third-pty checksfrom reputable sources would e “a s on a sm number of well-established historical and scientific topics that have often been to mis, like landing and the Bombing.”

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