Bill Lenihan

()The electrification gap is widely recognized as one of the primy briers to development in sub-Sahan .

An estimated 600 million in the region live without reliable power and that goes with it.
A growing number of electrical entrepreneurs e stepping into the breach. such as M-Kopa and BBO offer contned power sys to off-grid communities, and US — formerly Off Grid Electric — supplies “ as a service” to isolated eas.
    , which recently ointed Tesla alumni Lyndon and Peter Rive to its bod, is launching a power sy that could have an even er imp.

    To Infinity

    Zola’s “Infinity” serves as a standalone “mini grid” that draws on multiple energy inputs and a smt stor sy to provide continuous power.
    Infinity can be connected to an eisting grid, power , and backup generators, ing mlessly between them when they fl. The lithium also stores energy so that power is mntned if inputs fl at the same , according to its makers.
    The sy “optimizes energy sources” according to Bill Lenihan.
    “If the is out and is ing I can use to power my ,” he says. “If the grid is on and the is down I can use grid power. If the is down and the grid is off and my is not powerful enough to turn on a fridge I might prioritize the generator.”
    observed one of the demonstrations of the to vious high-consumption s such as hrdryers in the ’s quters. The sy is described as “infinitely scalable” – a lge enough version of the kit could serve a mid-sized .
    sub-Saharan Africa

    Urban solution

    Zola, like M-Kopa and BBO, has until lgely focused on providing solutions for off-grid communities. The clms to serve a million customers with its pay-as--go service.
    The Infinity sy is “adaptable to off-grid, weak grid, and microgrid use cases.” But Zola e pticully tgeting urban mkets. ound 25 percent of living in urban eas in sub-Sahan lack access to power.
    Lenihan says that his had Lagos in during development of the , a global mega w rents and es e often hamstrung by spotty access to power.
    “Lagos is the most energy literate mket in the ,” says Lenihan. “s k more about energy than anyone in the US because they have to pro their own energy and live with that every day.”
    Zola e anticipating widespread , and have heavyweight investors including Tesla, Total and EDF.
    “We epect every and in a country like Nigeria to adopt this if they make more than $400 a month,” says Zola co- and avier Heesen. “ e already spending that and burning it up in smoke on diesel generators.”

    Cleaner r

    The be avlable through rangements that spread the cost, and Lenihan says the total price not be “meaningfully more” than $1,000.
      A benefit of the is that it could to an improvement in r quality in cities such as Lagos, the suggests.
      If Infinity proves as as its creators epect, the use of high-polluting diesel generators be ly uced.

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