Sinmi & Tobi’s Love is a Complete Rom-com! Check Out Their Pre-wedding Photos + Love Story

We absolutely love a good love story! Especially one that involves friends. When two friends decide to commit to forever, you know it’s about to be a jolly ride of fun, love and laughter.

Sinmi and Tobi have us laughing and blushing all at the same time with their very sweet love story. The vibes this couple share is so refreshing and heartwarming. From their pre-wedding photos, you can tell they’re not just in love, but happily in love! The sweethearts met at a fellowship conference and are now in for the forever ride. They share their love story with us together and we bet the hilarious couple will leave you grinning from ear to ear. One thing is so evident – Sinmi and Tobi were simply meant to be. Grab your popcorn and tighten your seatbelt as you scroll through, because you’re in for a cruise!😅

Enjoy their lovely pre-wedding photos and love story below.

How We Met

By the couple, Sinmi and Tobi

Tobi: The first time I saw her was at Covenant University. I was in 400 level, she was in 100, and it was just a brief sighting. She was talking to my friend, and I don’t think she noticed me at that time. I didn’t think anything of it. Maybe if I had looked a little longer, I would have realized that it was my future wife, but it’s okay I got to find that out later.

Sinmi (interjecting): Ahan, don’t scatter this story o.

Tobi (playfully): Excuse me, this is my turn.

Tobi (continues): Anyway, Fast forward a few years to 2016. I was living in Abuja and organized a small faith-based fellowship there called The gathering. Sinmi was in Abuja for her Aunty’s wedding, and one of her friends had invited her to the fellowship. When she walked in, it was as if this bright light had just shone in the room. But you know I had to focus on the word…

Sinmi (doing the famous Yoruba scowl): Hmmm…

Tobi (still smiling): I’m serious! But yeah, she was seeing someone at that time, so nothing was really going to happen. After fellowship that day, we spoke a couple of times because she wanted to start her own fellowship in Ibadan, where she served. I helped her with some tips, but then we didn’t speak much after that.
Two years later, I messaged her that I had moved to Lagos – she was also living in Lagos by then. That’s when she started sliding into my DMs, saying we should meet up.

Sinmi (Laughs): Please, I didn’t slide into anyone’s DMs. When I first saw him at the fellowship, I thought, “Okay… this is guy seems cool”, despite his floral shirt (I still don’t understand Tobi’s taste for those things)

Tobi (rolling his eyes): Okay

Sinmi continues: But as Tobi mentioned, I was seeing someone, so I wasn’t thinking of him in that way, but I knew he was a great person and someone I wanted to be friends with. I even tried setting him up with the friend that invited me.

So 2 years later, in 2018, I decided that I wanted to continue the fellowship I started in Ibadan in Lagos. Before that, my friend had let me know that he had moved to Lagos. I just thought, ‘it’s true, that Tobi guy said he wanted to start a fellowship here, let me message him”. That’s when I messaged him with the typical banter: ‘hey, you’re in Lagos, we should meet up sometime!’ You know all those meetups that you never actually plan to happen.

Tobi (slapping the back of one hand on the other palm): As far as I’m concerned, there’s a ring on your finger, so form all you want.

Sinmi (laughs): He hadn’t started the fellowship yet when I messaged, so we decided to tag-team on it. He called me a few weeks later, and we spoke for 2hrs just gisting, and I never have long phone calls. I found myself wanting to talk again because we had such a good conversation. He called two days after (that leave 1-day space trick, he thinks he’s slick 😅), and again we talked for hours.

Although our calls meant for planning the fellowship turned to gist sessions, we eventually had it. On our way to the first meeting, I remember we were joking around, competing for who would get there first. Still, when I got there, I found it hard to reconcile this person I had spent hours talking to on the phone with the one in front of me.

Tobi: What she means is, she was shy. 😅

Sinmi: No, I wasn’t! But a few days after the fellowship, I invited him out with my friends, and afterwards, he dropped me off at my friend’s place. I think it was when we said bye that I realized I had started to catch some feelings. Ah, Tobi, I’ve tried for you. Do you remember that time I brought you a burger from Ilupeju?!

Tobi: Yeah! you came from your office in Ilupeju and brought it to mine in Lekki, and I just knew I had found my wife! (Tobi laughs)

The Beginning of Forever:

Tobi: One day, we agreed to meet up and ended up having a 12 hr date. We went for breakfast, went to watch a movie and then went to an arcade. After that day, we just knew that something was there, but it wasn’t official yet. However, I knew that she was the one. I had already decided a few years back that I wasn’t going to date anyone I wasn’t sure I would marry. So I prayed about it, and although God did not necessarily tell me, “Yes Tobi, thou hast found thine, bride,” I had peace in my heart about it, so that’s how I knew. So one day after work, I drove over to her office to ask her out. She told me she had to think about it, but she already knew jor, all this was shakara.

Sinmi: I mean, I knew we were going to date. I just wasn’t sure when. I had to check my spirit. God had already given me so many confirmations that he was the one, but I prayed about it and found peace. But when he first asked, I wasn’t sure if I was going to yes that month or the next or…

Tobi: Ahan, can you imagine? Anyway, that’s how it all started, then a little over a year after, I proposed, and that was it! One of the reasons I was, and still am, so sure about this relationship is how heavily God was involved, every step of the way.

Sinmi: Yeah, me too. We are SIMply meant TO BE.

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The 41-year-old actress in an Instagram post narrated her own side of the story, adding that it’s a family matter which shouldn’t have come out on social media.

She also offered to take care of her brother which she was denied access to in the past.

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“I didn’t want to say anything about this all the while because I believe it’s a family issue which should rather be settled amicably between ourselves rather than being dragged on social media. Anyone who knows me very well would know that I am a private person,” she wrote.

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Shina Peters had earlier reacted to the story and also said he will be responsible for Oluwadamilare.

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